Haachchi pushes greater involvement on Kingdom matters

POSTED: 01/17/12 12:26 PM

St. Maarten – Member of the Dutch Second Chamber for Democratic (D66) party Wassila Haachchi is highly anticipating the proposal from that body’s Presidium in response to a motion for Members of Parliament and ministers from the countries in the Kingdom to participate in debates in the Second Chamber on Kindgom matters. The motion, which was approved with broad support, is meant to create more democracy by giving greater voice to the representatives from the other countries in the Kingdom.
“We talk about a lot of things in Holland and we don’t always have the information and it’s important to get it, so having the representatives from the other countries join in will be helpful. At this moment the presidium is working out how it will go, because they are the ones who must organize these things and we are now patiently waiting to hear the outcome,” Haachchi said.
The D66 MP does not see multi-lateral like the Inter-parliamentary Kingdom Consultation (IPKO) as the place to debate Kingdom laws.
“IPKO is a place where we can see how we can cooperate, share information and stay in touch. The IPKO is essentially a consultation podium. That’s different than a debate. Also consider that at IPKO it is a delegation presenting a position, but by having them come to the Second Chamber the various factions can give their opinion on issues,” Haachchi said.

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