Gumbs will fight dismissal in court

POSTED: 01/3/13 3:48 PM

WILLEMSTAD, Curacao – Edsel Gumbs, the head of the Intelligence Service VDC in Curacao who was suspended during the rule of Gerrit Schotte, says he will go to court within 24 hours if he is dismissed. Gumbs said that he is unaware of the existence of a national decree that confirms his dismissal.

The story is that this decree was drawn up just before Stanly Betrian’s interim government left office. The document is rumored to be on the desk of acting governor Adèle van der Pluijm-Vrede, but it has not been signed yet.

Gumbs told the Amigoe newspaper in Willemstad that he has not been informed about anything. He still has several lawsuits against the government underway. One of them deals with his suspension. Gumbs has also objected to the intention to appoint a new head of the VDC, after this was reported to him in a letter. The decision to appoint a successor to Gumbs was taken by the Schotte-cabinet.

In the meantime Gumbs’ attorney Melrose Bloem has asked the government for a postponement to react to the letter that dates back to August of last year. Bloem has also asked the court to take the lead in the case, and she has asked for access to the documents that outline the accusations against Gumbs. The Schotte-cabinet did not allow this.

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