Guillaume Arnell candidate in legislative elections

POSTED: 05/9/12 2:04 PM

MARIGOT, St. Martin—The members of the Triple R Party have ruled out Louis Mussington to become the next senator for St. Martin, second vice president Guillaume Arnell said. The legislative elections are scheduled for June. Arnell is one of the candidates for the position.

The new senator will be elected by the 23 territorial councilors, the incumbent senator Louis Constant Fleming and the deputy senator. Arnell said that the new senator will be someone from Triple R. The party won 17 seats in the territorial elections. According to Arnell there is little chance that Louis Constant Fleming will get a second term.

“When we look back at the Triple R Group, there are at least four or five members who have the experience. Most of the current members are newcomers; the role of authority is placed on the top five candidates,” Arnell said.  The upcoming elections for the deputy seat concerns St. Martin and St. Barths; the 7000 voters in St. Barths must be taken into consideration.

“If we only had the voters on St. Martin to consider, we could have seen a clear victory. For these elections St. Martin will have the main candidate and the most voters.”

Arnell said that he has been earmarked to be the candidate for St. Martin along with some others from the various parties who have indicated their desire to contest these elections.

Louis Mussington was with the Triple R group in 2007 but left the party without any explanation and contested the territorial elections on his own, criticizing Triple R. “It is impossible for us to endorse him now. If we did that, it would mean that we do not have capable people in our midst.”

“It is not because Mussington has been the deputy for Victorin Lurel in the Regional Council that makes him capable of holding the position,” said Arnell.  “Mussington isolated himself and I am sure that if the electorate had placed its trust in him, he would have been the President of the Collectivité and he would be seeking election on the national level.

He described Mussington as “someone who does not wait on his rightful time.”

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