Former police officer Gregory Koeiman’s extradition to the USA on hold

POSTED: 11/21/14 11:41 AM

St. Maarten – The Common Court of Justice has retained a decision about the extradition of Gregory Koeiman to the United States. In a ‘decision preceding an advice to the governor of St. Maarten’ the court ruled yesterday that it reopens the investigation, awaiting a ruling by the Supreme Court on a similar extradition request in Curacao.

Koeiman, a former police officer and once upon a time the so-called body guard of former Member of Parliament Romain Laville, is wanted in the United states for several drugs transports.

The attorney-general filed the extradition request with the Common Court of Justice on July 22 against the 46-year-old Koeiman. On November 6, the case was handled by the court, at Koeiman’s request behind closed doors.

Earlier, a request to extradite Koeiman was denied by the court in Curacao. The Public Prosecutor’s Office filed for cassation against this decision with the Supreme Court.

Because the extradition request in Curacao has to do with the same facts as the one in St. Maarten, “it can be important to know the decision from the Supreme Court before taking a decision,” yesterday’s ruling states.

For this reason, the court ruled that the investigation is incomplete and that it will be reopened. The court will revisit the extradition request after the Supreme Court has taken a decision.


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Former police officer Gregory Koeiman’s extradition to the USA on hold by

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