GreenLeft benefits from link to Labor Party list

POSTED: 09/14/12 2:59 PM

THE HAGUE – Not Diederik Samsom’s Labor Party, but Jolande Sap’s struggling GreenLeft will most likely benefit from the link between the candidate lists of the two parties with the Socialist Party.

On Wednesday evening, a residual seat went to the Labor Party based on a calculation method that uses the largest average. But the Electoral Law states that within a system of linked candidate lists, the largest remainder-method must be used.

The largest average-method benefits large parties. To calculate this average for a residual seat, the number of seats that were won outright is increased by 1 and then the total number of votes won by that party is divided by this number. The largest remainder-method simply looks at how many votes remain after a party’s votes have been devised by the quota needed to win one seat.

Yesterday both the Volkskrant and the Telegraaf reported that due to the difference between these two methods, the Labor Party will have to give up a seat to GreenLeft and return to the parliament with 38 seats, while GreenLeft will have 4 seats.

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