Grand Case celebrates pre-carnival parade

POSTED: 01/15/13 1:03 PM

GRAND CASE, St. Martin – The three pre- Carnival parades organized by the FCDSM were designed to energize the revelers ahead of the highly anticipated Unity Jump which takes place on Saturday January 26. The second parade took place yesterday afternoon in Grand Case.

Despite the lukewarm start at the entrance of the road leading to the airport, by the time the parade concluded at the basketball court in La Savanna it was evident that those involved were ready for the real thing.

Among those leading the jump up were the five young ladies that will participate in the Miss Pitchounette pageant at the Omni Sports Auditorium on Sunday January 27. Those competing are Amaya Abrin, Shamyra Sdams, Alida Hamlet, Kelya Derosche and Uliska Benjamin.

This year, the celebration is described as a fairy tale event where dreams come true and that will allow one of the participants to be crowned as the queen. In addition to crown and the coveted title, that lucky person will also receive the spoils that go with the status.

Also participating in the jump up were three of the ladies that will participate in the Miss Elegant Plus Size on Thursday February 7. That event is expected to bring quite a large turnout in the Festival Village in Galisbay. The official opening of the village is on Sunday February 3 after the children’s parade which once again is expected to be a spectacle of color and fanfare.

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