Gracita meets with Aruba’s Prime Minister

POSTED: 03/18/11 2:02 PM

St. Maarten – President of Parliament drs Gracita Arrindell met with Aruba’s Prime Minister Mike Eman on Wednesday. The discussions focused on Aruba’s development during the past 25-years as an autonomous country in the Dutch Kingdom, and St. Maarten’s current status as a newly formed country. 

“The Hon. Prime Minister of Aruba extended an invitation to assist in whichever way possible with the primary focus on improving the quality of life of our people,” Arrindell said on Thursday. 

Arrindell led a delegation to Aruba’s 25th anniversary celebration’s this week as a country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands that was achieved back in 1986. 

“I would like to wish the Aruban St. Maarteners a happy Aruba Day which they will be celebrating on March 18th, on behalf of the Parliament of St. Maarten,” Arrindell said. 

Also part of the St. Maarten parliamentary delegation in Aruba is Members of Parliament (MP) Dr. Lloyd Richardson, MP Roy Marlin and parliamentary clerk Franklin Hanze.

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Gracita meets with Aruba’s Prime Minister by

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