Governor’s address: “Secure our future to honor the work of our forefathers”

POSTED: 11/13/12 12:56 PM

BELLE PLAINE – A call to secure our future in honor of the work of our forefathers; this is how Governor drs. Eugène Holiday presented St. Maarten Day’s theme “One people, respecting the past, investing in the future” in his address on Sunday.

“Called to action our forefathers took up the challenge and build us a solid house which we can be proud of today.  As a people we are blessed to live in and share this island, our house, our home, build by the individual and collective actions of our grandparents and parents. A house built on the rock of the enduring principles of self-respect, self-reliance, responsibility, kindness, and hard work. Today you and I are the beneficiaries of the hard work of past generations,” the governor said.

“As residents sharing this house, residing in French Quarter or Dutch Quarter, Philipsburg or Marigot, Grand Case or Simpson Bay, French Cul-de-Sac or Cul-de-Sac, it is our obligation to past generations and our responsibility to future generations to invest in preserving and perfecting our St. Martin, our home against the threats we face.”

“On this St. Martin’s Day let us therefore, like our forefathers, renew and direct our commitment to the cause of securing our island, our home, against the rains and winds which we face today and which we will face tomorrow.

“Let us renew our commitment by investing in the strengthening of the foundation of our house, Saint Martin/Sint Maarten. Let us do so by investing to transform our island in a center of excellence. Let us do so by investing in excellence in education. By investing in excellence in health care. By investing in critical infrastructure. And by investing in the promotion of the enduring principles self-respect, self-reliance, responsibility, kindness, and hard work.

Investments necessary to facilitate the further socio economic growth and development of our people and at the same time prepare our island for the challenges of the future.

The governor said that as Dutch and French citizens, we can choose to make these investments separately or we can choose where possible to carry out these investments together as one people, as St. Maarteners.

“A survey of our history, of the history of our people learns that the people of our island have always lived as one people. It is thus my hope that ongoing initiatives to foster greater governmental cooperation will catch up with the oneness of the people of Sint Maarten. For as the world around us become more complex and the magnitude of the challenges we face increase, I am convinced that joint investments and coordination of policies and programs is the only effective way forward.”


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Governor’s address: “Secure our future to honor the work of our forefathers” by

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