Governor: St. Maarten Police must meet minimum strength requirement

POSTED: 09/15/11 11:44 AM

Admittance and establishment policies being reviewed

GREAT BAY, St. Maarten – Governor Eugene Holiday has said that the government will hold the police force to its commitment to reach the minimum strength laid out in the General Kingdom Resolution on the Plan of Approach for the police. The expectation was communicated during Tuesday’s State of the Nation Address delivered by Governor Eugene Holiday.

The Plan of Approach calls for the police force to grow to 390 officers but the government has continuously said that is a very ambitious target. Still they want the force to grow in order to achieve the objective of creating a crime free St. Maarten and have started using several new approaches. One of them is offering a basic policing course in English.
In order to support the fight against crime and promote a feeling of safety the government plans to promote second-chance education, foster care, youth facilities development and re-socialization efforts in the coming parliamentary year.

The government also plans to continue the process to come to a new immigration organization through the recruitment and training of personnel and strengthening the organization. The government will also spend time creating new policies on admission.
“With the authority for work permits and immigration in the hands of the Government of St. Maarten, synchronization of policies is a must. This means, amongst others, that the government will take measures to deal with the consequences of the implementation of the Brooks Tower Accord,” Holiday said.

The government also plans to review its policy on the establishment of businesses and persons in order to create new investment niches. The government also plans to craft a new labor policy that allows for greater control on the labor market and increasing compliance with labor conditions, premium and tax payments and wages. The policy on the issuance of employment permits is already under review based on the need to streamline processes and re-institute tripartite dialogue.

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