Governor Goedgedrag leaves with mixed feelings

POSTED: 11/27/12 1:58 PM

WILLEMSTAD —In a televised farewell speech, outgoing Governor Frits Goedgedrag said that his departure produced mixed feelings; a smile and a tear.

A tear, because he resigned from a responsibility which he experienced as the honor of his life. A tear, because he will miss the captivating work he did.

A tear, because he will miss the chance to encourage many good people to contribute to the society. “But I feel beside the tear, a smile coming on. A smile because I hope to see more of my family, the people I love”.

“Although I am a man with deep feelings, I am not guided by feelings. Feelings are important, but they are not the boss. Throughout my career I have always tried to be guided by principles, by norms and values like justice, peace, courtesy, and careful discipline. I was privileged to have had a father who taught me these important values and they lived for me. Therefore, these principles also became mine,” Goedgedrag emphasized.

“I must nonetheless deal responsibly with my health, for the promotion of health and welfare is also one of my life principles. Five years ago I already took the steps to ensure that my health remains good. Earlier I mentioned my father, who preceded me in what these principles are concerned, but he passed away aged 61. This month I also became 61, I would follow my father in the field of principles, but not regarding his life durability (if God is willing). It seems therefore advisable to me to be guided by the principle of promoting welfare and health.”

Goedgedrag was appointed Governor for the Netherlands Antilles in 2002 and he continued as Governor of Curacao after 10-10-10. He started his career as a lawyer at the central office of legal and general affairs, followed by his appointment as Lt. Governor in Bonaire.

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