Governor Eugène Holiday receives Diary of a St. Martin Salt Checker

POSTED: 01/28/13 1:56 PM

St. Maarten – The Book The Diary of a St. Martin Salt Checker was presented to Governor Eugène Holiday at his office by author Will Johnson in the company of Carolyn Buncamper on Friday.

The book is based on the 1927 diary of Albert Buncamper. It was entrusted to author and historian Will Johnson by Bernadette Buncamper, Albert Buncamper’s granddaughter.

The author highlights the importance of the salt industry at the time the diary was written. The book also dwells on the means that were available during that era to transport salt and provide for travel between the islands.

In the foreword Governor Holiday wrote: “The book offers the people of St. Martin a glimpse into the last of the glory days of the salt era and the Great Salt Pond. This book is, as a result, a valuable source of information on life on St. Martin in the first half of the twentieth century and more specifically in 1927. Mr. Albert Buncamper, through his diary, immortalized a defined period of his life and family and that of the people he came into contact with in the serene setting of the Philipsburg of yesteryear.”

Governor Holiday thanked Johnson and Carolyn Buncamper, the great-granddaughter of Albert Buncamper for the book. He complimented the author with presenting a fresh perspective of the old St. Martin in the footprints of the salt industry and for adding to the growing body of literature about the island’s history.

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Governor Eugène Holiday receives Diary of a St. Martin Salt Checker by

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