Government will voice position on Bosman-law “very clearly”

POSTED: 09/5/13 2:04 PM

St. Maarten  – The parliament urged the government in a motion on Tuesday “to make every effort to ensure that the Bosman-initiative does not become law” but Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams made clear at yesterday’s press briefing that her government has no control over the outcome of the debate.

“The Dutch government considers this a matter of the Netherlands and they want to regulate it in Dutch law. The government of St. Maarten and the parliament share the opinion that this law primarily affects the other countries in the Kingdom,” the PM said.

The Bosman-law aims to restrict the admission of Dutch passport holders from St. Maarten, Curacao and Aruba to the Netherlands.

The government’s possible action against the Bosman-law – that still has to be handled by the Dutch parliament and the senate – is “to voice the position of country St. Maarten very very clearly,” Wescot-Williams said. “Legally speaking that does not automatically change the law, but we will be joining those motivated voices from other countries in the Kingdom.”

Curacao and Aruba have also voiced their opposition to the initiative-law.

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Government will voice position on Bosman-law “very clearly” by

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