Government turned down request for financial support Subsidy dries up – Victorious Living Foundation closes

POSTED: 11/20/12 2:02 PM

St. Maarten – Despite losing its funding as a result of the dismantling of Antillean co-financing agency Amfo and denial by the Ministry of Justice for subsidy, the Victorious Living Foundation plans to end 2012 strong with the complete restructuring of its organization. The foundation is currently closed as it devises strategies to get back on its feet again.

“We are closed at the moment, some of our membership programs that we would have daily, we had to close as a result of the situation with Amfo and the government. We requested funds from the Justice Ministry and the Education Ministry and the Ministry of Justice turned us down saying that they don’t have the money.

What we had been doing was servicing the Court of Guardianship and the Prosecutor’s Office when they sent clients but they were not been paying. So even the parents would have to pay, which is not even the full cost of the service and we would be subsiding it. But I could no longer afford to pay the staff, so we had to stop,” foundation President Nicole Erna Mae Francis said.

The foundation recently celebrated its 10th anniversary and the financial trouble caused a major blow. Francis is still resilient though. She said that every adversity is just an opportunity to restructure so that the foundation is stronger and gets the community fully involved in its work.

“We have to look at viable means of generating income to sustain the work that we are doing. We decided to do an overhaul and restructure our operations so we are not dependent on funding agencies. What I am currently doing is strengthening our programs so that when we re-launch in January or February we will be prepared for any challenge.”

For now, the foundation plans to organize a fundraising walk-a-thon called Walking in Unity and Victory.

“That is part of our mandate to demonstrate that we can be victorious in every aspect of our life in accordance with the word of God,” Francis said.

The victory walk will be held on December 29 from 4: 30 pm to 7: 30 pm. The intention is to have the activity become an annual event on the last Saturday of every year, Francis said, adding that it is an opportunity for the entire community to come together “to declare to all of those challenges that seem to have been in our lives and have attacked us that they are defeated and we standing in unity and victory and moving into 2013 prepare to overcome to all challenges.”

“We all face challenges at one time or the other whether it is crime, sicknesses such as HIV, cancer or diabetes, financial lack and fear,” she added.

The assembly point for the walkathon is Le Grand Marche parking lot. It will then make its way up the Bush Road, cross Prins Bernard Bridge and head down Longwall Road onto Front Street. At the head of town, participants will then turn onto Back Street until they reach the Philipsburg Market Place. From there, they will turn right and head in the direction of the Clem Labega Square, the walk’s final destination.

Non-profit organizations that want to assist with the sale of the $10 tickets for the event will also get an opportunity to redeem 40 percent of the sales they make.

“This way everybody wins and every ticket holder receives a t-shirt as well as a bowl of soup and Johnny cake prepared by a celebrity chef from 101.5 FM,” Francis noted.

She said that she is especially proud that when people walk they will be walking in groups and identify their causes. Paraphernalia highlighting the work of the various organizations will also be available.

At the Clem Labega Square people will be allowed to give testimonies of various challenges that they have overcome. There will also be prayers, inspirational dancing and a vigil for those who wish to remain at the site after the official ceremony is over.

For information about the victory walk contact Francis at 524 87 31.

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