Government patches road in Simpson Bay ahead of full repairs

POSTED: 01/23/12 7:45 PM

St. Maarten – Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Public Housing, Spatial Development, Environment and Infrastructure Theo Heyliger announced on Sunday that emergency works will be done in Simpson Bay soon to make the road behind the Sister Regina School and the one along the perimeter fence of the Princess Juliana International Airport passable. The work will come ahead of a full reconstruction of the street.
The patch will give the government time to complete a study of the issues in the area. That will lead to the construction of a system and reconstruction of the roads.
“Many of the properties and inner roads are below the present drainage level of the airport road and this is causing the problem. The elevation levels need to be studied and the relevant infrastructure put in place,” Heyliger stated in a release.

More broadly he stated, “It is the intention and vision of the Ministry to develop a more reliable infrastructure with respect to our roads. It is our responsibility to research what future road infrastructure will look like. Our road infrastructure and inner community streets must be able to meet our growing transportation needs, in a safer, more effective and comfortable way. I envision every road and street in this country must be paved and have all the facets of sustainability by the end of this decade.”

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Government patches road in Simpson Bay ahead of full repairs by

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