Government-issued cash registers for all supermarkets

POSTED: 10/21/11 12:05 PM

St. Maarten –The government plans to equip all 102 supermarkets in Dutch St. Maarten with a government-issued cash register that is hooked up to a central database. Economic Affairs Minister Franklin Meyers revealed the plan yesterday during a Central Committee meeting about consumer protection and price control.
An advisor to the minister estimates that the plan will cost in excess of one million guilders. The system would give the government a better grip on price controls and on turnover tax revenue.
“It is a public secret,” Minister Meyers said, ‘that supermarkets have a cash pan, and then they have another cash pan.” The cash-register project would alleviate the pressure on the 6 controllers that are currently working for the government and that have 1,553 different products to control at the 102 supermarkets.

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Government-issued cash registers for all supermarkets by

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