Government extends deadline for document submission

POSTED: 03/24/11 12:41 PM

St. Maarten – Contractors who submitted their tenders and bid for the new water drainage system for the storm drain at the Great Salt Pond and the new waste water treatment plant for the Ebenezer Estate will have another chance to submit the missing documents for these projects. The bids for these projects were opened at the Ministry of Public Housing, Physical Planning, Environment and Infrastructure (VROMI) on Wednesday morning.

One of the companies complained that the time for the tender was too short and asked to be allowed to submit the documents late and Head of New Projects Kurt Ruan confirmed following the bidding exercise that contractors will be given some more time to submit the documents.

Government has decided to place a new water drainage system that will include the replacement of new pumps at the Pond Island. These pumps must be able to discharge the water from the Great Salt Pond to the Rolandus Canal. This project includes the upgrading of the present pumping facilities at the Sucker Garden Road. The contractors are allowed to use an “open design” where they submit their own designs for the project.

In the case of the Ebenezer Estate the existing waste water treatment plant has become too small because of the population increase in the area. As a result the existing tank has become obsolete. Some of the companies who placed their bid for the projects had very elaborate plans which included other projects that they had done, drawings of the project, bank guarantees, and documents from the S. Maarten Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Among the companies that placed their bid for the waste water drainage system project were Windward Roads N.V., MNO Vervat, and Small Water Services NV.  I & B Maintenance NV was the only other company that placed their tender for the storm drain.


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