Government approves integrity vision

POSTED: 05/31/12 12:13 PM

St. Maarten – One of the earliest actions of the new National Alliance led government was the approval of an integrity vision document. The vision document is an outline of the government’s goals for the next five years and the steps to arrive at that point. The approval is part of a broader process to come to an Integrity Policy.

The actual vision statement reads, “The government of St. Maarten, within the next five years, aspires to a higher level of commitment throughout the entire organization and at every level towards improving the level of integrity throughout the public service in the execution of its duties as an accountable government, operating in accordance with the Integrity Policy of St. Maarten and the principles of good governance.”

The vision states further, “In doing so, the Government of St. Maarten continues to support the development of a well trained, honest, reputable, impartial, structured public service rooted in the principles of integrity, capable of professionally serving and meeting the constitutional needs of the citizens of St. Maarten.”

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