Government aims to pump out water much faster

POSTED: 11/8/11 6:25 PM

St. Maarten – The first set of 48 inch wide pipes that will be installed in the Great Salt pond to move water to and out of the Rolandus Canal arrived Monday. By the time all the pipes are installed and a new pump house behind the Public Works yard on Pond Island is completed and connected, the Public Works Department will be able to pump water out 10 times faster than present.
“This is one method that we have to move water 10 times faster and from a bigger area. Because of this we’re also getting ready to tender the hard surfacing of the Rolandus Canal,” Head of Maintenance Claudius Buncamper said.
The entire project is scheduled to end in 2012 and costs 4.6 million guilders. All of the financing is coming from the government’s budget.

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Government aims to pump out water much faster by

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