Gottwald cranes still in “pretty good condition”

POSTED: 01/24/12 1:43 PM

St. Maarten – Two inspectors from Marine Terminal Services – Anton G. Mendez and Ernesto Davila – have issued a preliminary conclusion that the two Gottwald cranes owned by the St. Maarten Harbour Group of Companies are in “pretty good condition.” The assessment was delivered as part of a visit that also included a training session for the Harbour Group’s mechanic department.

The assessment of crane operations focused on the mechanic department’s workmanship, while the workshop was aimed at enhancing the local expertise in crane maintenance. The inspection and the workshop were out over a week. The Harbour Group’s management has already decided to organize a certification program for the mechanics as part of the follow-up to this visit. The harbour’s management also wants to train the crane operator(s) to become certified trainers themselves.

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Gottwald cranes still in “pretty good condition” by

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