Good governance and integrity high on agenda inter-parliamentary consultation

POSTED: 01/6/12 5:03 PM

St. Maarten – Freedom Party spokesman for the Caribbean part of the Kingdom Eric Lucassen and Curacao’s Pueblo Soberano leader Helmin Wiels will be among the parliamentarians that visit St. Maarten for the inter-parliamentary Kingdom Conference that will begin next week Tuesday.
While the consultation’s presidium decided last year in June that the discussions would be “public in principle” Parliament President Gracita Arrindell said yesterday that the meetings would be closed to the media to prevent political grandstanding and to keep the delegates focused on the issues at hand.
Parliament President Gracita Arrindell said yesterday that next Thursday will be the key part of the program; that day, the MPs from St. Maarten. Aruba, Curacao and the Netherlands will discuss the Kingdom constitution, Kingdom law procedures and – last but not least – good governance and integrity within the Kingdom’s countries.

After the official opening on Tuesday, the delegations will tour the Princess Juliana International Airport and the Winair facilities. Airport-Director Regina Labega and Winair-director Michael Cleaver will both give a presentation about their respective companies.
In the afternoon the parliamentarians will discuss the action points that came up during the conference in The Hague in June last year. Apart from good governance and integrity, these agenda points concern travel in the Caribbean (in particular practical bottlenecks like airfare, import duties and airport tax), healthcare and youth.

Other issues are the Kingdom law procedure, arbitration, the guarantee function, the motivation for the choice between consensus Kingdom laws and Kingdom laws because it concerns a Kingdom issue and the termination of the consensus Kingdom legislation. This last point was put on the agenda last year in The Hague against the background of the Kingdom’s emancipation from the perspective of the development goals of each country.
Last year, the parliamentarians also discussed education and sustainable energy.
The delegations will discuss healthcare on Wednesday, after a tour of the St. Maarten Medical Center and a presentation by the hospital-management.
On the conference’s last day, Friday, the MPs will wrap up their discussion and set date, place and agenda for the next conference.

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Good governance and integrity high on agenda inter-parliamentary consultation by

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