Golden donates proceeds from children’s book

POSTED: 12/3/13 12:04 PM

St. Maarten – The Victory Christian Academy and the Girls Brigade will benefit from the sale of Island Days, the first children’s book by author Nerissa Golden.
Island Days is a poetic collection of memories of growing up around the Caribbean and is now on sale on St. Maarten. Golden announced this weekend that the funds from book sales during the month of December will benefit the Victory Christian Academy, which she founded in 2006 and the Girls Brigade fundraiser to help five young women attend The Gathering in South Africa later this week.
“St. Maarten was home to me for almost 30 years and it’s important that I continue to give back and support a new generation of young people. I couldn’t think of a more appropriate way to do it than to donate the funds from Island Days to these two worthy causes,” Golden explained stated in a press release.

The book is on sale for $15 from Connie Gumbs-Francis at the St. Peters Community Center and Dianne Greenaway at the Victory Christian Academy in Weymouth Hills.
Island Days features colorful illustrations by Trinidad-based graphics designer Kathryn Duncan. The 32-page book tells the story of Max and Grace who live with their grandmother and highlights seven special events common to many Caribbean islands, such a Market Day, Moving Day, and Festival Day.
“What has been fun and interesting to hear are the children laughing and the questions they ask about the events I speak about in each poem,” said Golden. “Moving Day seems to be a favorite which I wrote based on time spent in Antigua where they will literally pick up an entire house and move it to a new location.”

The author says she is looking forward to hosting a reading party for Island Days on St. Maarten in the very near future. More information about Island Days can be found on and it can also be purchased on

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