Glen Carty reiterates calls for underground cables

POSTED: 10/20/14 6:28 PM

St. Maarten – UTS Boss Glen Carty has reiterated calls for all utility and telecoms cables on the island to be placed underground, saying that this method is safer, more reliable and ultimately less costly than the current situation. He believes the telecommunication and utility companies should pool their resources and undertake this project.

Carty initially made his statement in the immediate aftermath of hurricane Gonzalo and has reiterated this call. He told this newspaper that he intends to invite all the telecommunication partners as well as Gebe to a meeting to discuss how this can be achieved.  He noted that if the cables are underground this would eradicate the issue of cables and live wires falling onto houses or roads, of poles falling and obstructing traffic or causing damage to persons or property. Carty said this would also allow for shorter periods without utilities and telecommunications during and after a hurricane and in some cases even mean that there would be no disruption to service.

The UTS head also took issue with a number of billboards and signs that he had noticed immediately prior and after hurricane Gonzalo that he said had not been secured properly prior to the hurricane and which may have posed a danger if the winds had been stronger. He explained that in many cases the manner in which these signs are placed does not make accessing them easy in the event of an impending disaster and he calls for this to be regulated.

Carty also urged the local community to not just remain in their comfort zones but to be mindful and pay attention to hurricane preparedness tips.

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