Gisele Jermin wins Black History month quiz

POSTED: 03/5/13 1:24 PM

St. MaartenGisele Jermin won the iPad mini first prize of the Black History Celebration Quiz last weekend, said Shujah Reiph, president of Conscious Lyrics Foundation (CLF).

Jermin, an avid reader, also won an eBook from House Nehesi Publishers (HNP). The 2013 quiz prizes were presented by CLF on Saturday at the Blue Point electronics store, sponsor of the popular iPad mini prize.

“I am glad to see the overwhelming response that we received over the span of three weeks,”said Krisha Kukreja, public relations officer at Blue Point.

Priscilla Lake, the second place winner, received a €200 gift certificate from Ruby Bute’s Art Gallery, and a copy of St. Martin’s bestselling cookbook, From Yvette’s Kitchen to Your Table by Yvette Hyman.

High school student Julia Latoya Grigg took home the third prize bundle, consisting of a €50 gift certificate from La Classe Boutique, and the fine poetry collection, Book of Sins, by the Palestinian poet Nidaa Khoury.

Quiz organizer CLF also presented the three winners with a copy of the St. Martin Emancipation commemorative calendar 2013.

“The level of interest that people have shown toward this quiz contest makes us truly believe in the fact that investment in knowledge pays,” said Kukreja.

The winners identified the eight people pictured on the quiz sheet and wrote a short biography of each individual. The eight persons identified were: 1 – Winnie Mandela, South African political activist; 2 – Ralph Gilles, American-Canadian automobile designer; 3 – Romare Bearden, African-American artist and writer; 4 – Tubal Uriah “Buzz” Butler, labor leader, Trinidad & Tobago; 5 – Patricia Pantophlet, labor leader, St. Martin; 6 – Perrinon Auguste-François, Martinique-born abolitionist; 7 – Queen Truganini, the last full blooded Tasmanian; 8 – Kanye West, African-American songwriter, music producer, rapper and singer.

“This year’s quiz proved to be quite challenging: an activist, a designer, an artist, two unionists, an abolitionist, an aborigine, and a rapper. A very eclectic bunch but all forged ahead in their respected domains and have made their impact,” said Jermin.

“Labor, the cradle of our civilization,” was the theme of the Black History Celebration program.

“I’m very thankful to Blue Point, SOS Radio, House Nehesi Publishers, La Classe Boutique, Artsen Service Center, Watt de 9, and PJD2 Radio, for supporting this island-wide annual project,” said Reiph.

The prize giving was broadcasted live on SOS Radio 95.9 FM and it closed the Black History Celebration 2013. “CLF is very pleased with the support we got this year and look forward to a bigger celebration in 2014,”said Reiph.

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