Ginger Road sewerage issue still unresolved

POSTED: 04/23/12 1:53 PM

St. Maarten – Cay Hill mother, Tamara Shalland, is still lamenting the unabated sewerage runoff in her community which resulted in her daughter being hospitalized close to three months ago. The hapless mother and her family have been calling on the authorities to see that the situation is remedied by either fining or prosecuting a neighbor they say is responsible for the insanitary conditions they are forced to live in.

“My daughter is better now, but the situation has not changed. We were told that the Health Department did pass by and give the person two months to fix the problem. It is almost a month since they have been given the warning and still nothing is being done.”

Shalland claims that her Ginger Road neighbor has now changed her tactics.

“What they have started doing is pump the septic at night, every night or two, with their personal pump of course.”

The woman’s family has since taken pictures of the almost nightly activity where a small hose is used to channel the septic water onto the streets. Sewerage runoff on streets has been proven to threaten public health and cause property damage. Officials say it is often difficult to catch perpetrators who release untreated (raw) sewerage water onto the roadways, especially since many of them rely on the cover of darkness or heavy rain to commit these acts.

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