Gifted Foundation successfully hosts its first fun day

POSTED: 04/15/12 4:31 PM

St. Maarten – Sucker Garden got the first in a series of Gifted fun days recently. Many parents, children and friends turned out to the Melford Hazel Sports Complex for the Easter treat,‘FunDay Monday,’ on April 9 that the Gifted Foundation co-hosted with the Royal Kids Club. The event was one of family-oriented fun with lots of games, competitions, and prizes.
Starting at 11:00am, attendees got involved in basketball competitions, track and field sports, board games and more while some little ones enjoyed the bounce-abouts. Adults took up challenges from the children in lime-and spoon races, relays, and balloon-popping races. Others enjoyed video game matches and football. They were energized by the dollar menu of drinks, chicken and Johnny cakes from the canteen. The $3 entry fee gave wonderful prizes of gift baskets and other sponsored items.
“The best part of the day was the $1 grab-bag! Man, I was just going back and back again in that line to win some nice thing,” one patron said.
“My father says to keep going back in the grab-bag line until we win something big,” 11 year old Cristian said before winning a Fendi watch for his mother worth over $200.
The foundation plans to host more fun days and other activities in the near future that are dedicated to “Going In, Finding Truth, Enlightening Darkness.”

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