Gibbs resigns from Sarkozy’s ruling party

POSTED: 10/7/11 2:29 PM

MARIGOT – Founder and leader of the Union for Democracy Daniel Gibbs has resigned from the Union for a Popular Movement (UPM), which is led by the current French President Nicolas Sarkozy after six years of members. The resignation comes nearly a year after his resignation from the party’s local affiliate – the Union for Progress (UP).
“I see no commitment to support St. Martin in its development. This lack of interest, following a long period of neglect by the state, and mismanagement by the territorial administration has put St. Martin in and economic and social disaster today,” Gibbs said.
He further stated, “The UMP is entirely in the hands of one man and as for me, represents only the latter. I also believe, and past experience proves, that when we want to get involved in St. Martin to change things it is better to have no connection with a Metropolitan political party whatsoever. There is no advantage to be gained from membership of metropolitan political parties, no matter who is or will be in power. St. Martin can only rely on them to make things happen.”

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Gibbs resigns from Sarkozy’s ruling party by

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