Gibbs calls for high turnout in legislative elections

POSTED: 06/6/12 12:09 PM

MARIGOT, St. Martin – Daniel Gibbs, who leads Team Daniel Gibbs, believes a high turnout in this Saturday’s first round of the parliamentary elections will send a clear message to national institutions in Paris that the island wants more attention for its issues. While the opposition leader in the Territorial Council, who is running for the position of Deputy, understands the voter fatigue that will have come from voting in the Territorial Council elections in March and the presidential elections in April he still believes that people must turn out for Saturday’s election in large numbers.
“No doubt our citizens feel tired of this marathon election and already bet on a high abstention rate. A high abstention rate would send a picture to Paris that the territories are heedless of major national issues. We, now more than ever, need to send a strong signal to our national bodies that the population is involved, experienced in the democratic exercise playing the full institutional game and is vigilant about their future nationally,” Gibbs states in a release.
Later he’d add, “We have rights and duties expression through the ballot box is one. Paris must understand that its territories are united, mobilized and attentive.”
Gibbs also announced Tuesday that he and his co-candidate Karine Miot-Richard will have a campaign rally at the Beach Plaza Hotel in Marigot on Thursday at 6:30 p.m. The President of the Collectivité of St. Barthelemy will also be present.

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