Gebe’s one-man board holds up signing deal with labor union

POSTED: 07/27/12 12:19 PM

St. Maarten – Wifol president Theophilus Thompson has said there is no change in the situation at utilities company Gebe with regard to the signing of a new collective labor agreement. Two weeks ago he indicated that the union is ready for industrial action, but when the deadline for this ultimatum expired last week, no action was undertaken.

Yesterday, Thompson remained vague about the union’s intentions, saying that industrial action comes in many different forms.

“We want to avoid taking unnecessary action,” he said.

The signing date for the new agreement has been postponed four times according to the union leader.

“The supervisory board wants clarification on certain definitions that have to do with insurance policies,” Thompson said, noting that the request is remarkable because the union went over all aspects of the agreement with the company.

“It is strange. There is only one member on the supervisory board at the moment and that is Julius Lambert. The other two have resigned,” Thompson said.

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Gebe’s one-man board holds up signing deal with labor union by

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