Gebe’s 55th anniversary: Laptops for students

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St. Maarten –  At a special ceremony held on the parking lot of Gebe’s main office in Philipsburg, the utility provider demonstrated that they are not only known for providing water and light, they also recognized and equipped five students at the elementary level that have attained exceptional grades.

The event that coincides with Gebe’s 55th anniversary was just one way of giving back to the community. Each of the students was presented with a Dell laptop. The recipients are Jaidev Nainani from the St. Dominic Primary school with an average of 87 percent, Eshita Wadhwa, from the Methodist Agogic Center Brouwler Maynard Campus (86 percent), Collin Shigemoto from the Sr Borgia (85 percent), Ohuaatoyin Aladejana, also from the MAC school and Sean Mitchell from the MAC Reverend John A Campus (both 83 percent).

President of the management board, chief /financial Officer René Gartner, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Directors René Richardson and Vromi-Minister Claret Connor addressed the gathering.

“For me it is a pleasure as Minister of Vromi to have this opportunity to address this important gathering on the anniversary of Gebe.  The company is clearly a different place than it was 55 years ago. Today it is solely owned by the people of St Maarten, that is an achievement we can all be proud of,” Minister Connor stated.

The Minister touched briefly on the opening extract of the documentary entitled ‘ GEBE, Through The Years’ “The coming of age happens when the company has  demonstrated it has met reliable goals and provided affordable and quality service that is demanded by its customers.”

In adding, to that quote, Minister Connor said that the coming of age for any company should be credited to companies that have taken up challenging issues like governance, environmental concerns, sustainable development and corporate social responsibilities.

The government is looking forward to initiatives, partnership for providing investments that will serve in the best interest of the citizens and by extension the country, Connor said.

The highlight of the program however was the unveiling of a portrait by Ruby Bute of the late Julius Lambert. On hand to perform the task was Cheryl Arnell assisted by René Gartner who also invited special guests for the celebrity toast to bring down the curtains on the official side of the program.



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