Gebe lines down since Gonzalo in Cay hill

POSTED: 01/20/15 7:15 PM

St. Maarten —Almost three months after the passage of hurricane Gonzalo, Gebe lines at Nutmeg road in Cay hill are still down, almost touching the road, and causing a dangerous situation to residents of the area.

A group of concerned residents told Today  that despite repeated calls to the electricity company over the past months the situation has still not been rectified. One resident explained that as far as she understands the situation a group of Gebe technicians came to the area and were shown the low lying lines but residents were allegedly told that in order for the lines to be repaired a large tree in that area would first have to be cut by the owner.

The tree has not been cut because the residents are concerned that the wires may be “live” and may pose additional dangers if the tree is cut which would cause the lines to be on the road. Te residents are meanwhile concerned that vehicles using that road may pull the lines even further down and that any children in the area may be at risk. This newspaper contacted Gebe’s offices on the Pond fill last week but was told that they were unaware of the situation and assurances were given that a technical team would look into the problem. However, the lines are still down and residents are at their wits end and call on Gebe to remedy the situation as soon as possible.


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Gebe lines down since Gonzalo in Cay hill by

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