GB3 re-launches as structural program

POSTED: 09/30/11 1:15 PM

St. Maarten – Get off the block, Get on the Bus, Get Busy (GB-3) program will likely be re-launched as a structural program in mid-October. The announcement of the re-launch was made by the project’s initiator – the Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport Dr. Rhoda Arrindell – during Wednesday’s Council of Ministers press briefing.

The decision to make GB-3 a structural program follows the implementation and assessment of a pilot project. Based on the report that was presented the decision has been taken to hire a full time coordinator who’ll have a three person staff. Their task in first instance will be setting up the curriculum and courses and to put other parts of the program in place.

The coordinator and staff will also build on ongoing discussions with partners who want to come on board and others that originally committed, but did not participate. They’ve now asked for a more detailed description of their role. That information will form part of an informational brochure on the program.

The key markers of the program’s success are the fact that 111 participants signed up for the pilot, when the ministry had prepped for only 20 to 30. There were also people who surpassed the age range that the program was accommodating

“That told us that there was a need for something,” Arrindell said.

An examination of what the participants need to complete the transition from the block to being busy is also a reason why the program was prolonged.

“When we created the core curriculum, which I feel every participant should complete before leaving the program, we’re going to have to do it in two terms or clusters and it looks like it will be three years of two terms or clusters per year. That’s the design at the moment,” Arrindell said.

The ministry is also planning a documentary to show where participants are after having gone through the program. Two have died tragically, but the others are continuing with the program.

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