Gas station killer gets 22 years

POSTED: 06/13/16 12:24 PM

St. Maarten News – The Court in First Instance sentenced Runald Orlando Robinson to 22 years of imprisonment for the armed robbery at the Tacking Gas Station in Cole Bay on November 30 of last year, whereby he fatally shot pump attendant S. Gerard. Robinson’s partner in crime, Brendon Dixin, received a 15-year prison sentence. The court declared a claim for damages to the tune of $6,215 by Tackling NV inadmissible because the court ruled that the company is not directly affected by the crime.

The prosecution demanded 25 years against Robinson and 15 years against Dixin at the trial on May 18.
After they robbed the Tackling Gas Station, Robinson and Dixin went to the SOL Gas Station on the airport road where they extorted money from a pump attendant. In this case there were no shots fired and the pump attendant came away with his life.
Shortly after this second robbery the two suspects were arrested by the alerted police.
The court sentenced 23-year-old Robinson for manslaughter, followed by theft, extortion and firearm possession. A psychological evaluation shows that Robinson is above average aggressive and that the risk he will commit similar crimes again is relatively high.
The court established that Robinson, after pomp attendant Gerard resisted when he wanted to rob him, shot the man in his belly and later twice in his head from close range. “Then he turned the body around, searched his pockets for money and ran away.”
After this crime, Robinson and Dixin went to the SOL gas station on airport road where they robbed another pump attendant of his money.
The court notes in its ruling that Robinson has shown no respect for someone else’s life and that he acted purely for his own interest.
The cold-blooded actions of this young suspect are shocking and possibly traumatizing for the victim’s family and for witnesses.”
The court considered that Robinson has a criminal record in Nevis.
Dixin has a relatively high level of intelligence, the court noted in its ruling, but he also scored high in an aggression-test. “His feelings of resentment and contained anger can be fertile grounds for his actions.” The court furthermore noted that 23-year-old Dixin has not learned a thing from earlier brushed with the law and that he has the tendency to put the responsibility for his actions at the doorstep of others.
Dixin drove the car that took Robinson to Cole Bay; after Robinson killed Gerard and robbed him of his money, Dixin stayed the course and went with him to the second gas station. Dixin was still on probation for a previous conviction.

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