Gas prices went up today

POSTED: 06/1/14 11:46 PM

St. Maarten –Prices for unleaded gasoline are up by 6 guilder-cents. Motorists will have to pay 2.586 guilders ($1.444) per liter. On the French side, it is still possible to fill up for $1.25 per liter. The price for diesel increases went down by 6.1 guilder-cents on Sunday and cost 2.137 guilders ($1.194) per liter. These are the maximum prices gas stations are allowed to charge.

For the first time, the Ministry of Tourism and Economic affairs has published a breakdown of the fuel prices. It shows that gasoline leaves the refinery for 1.5455 guilders per liter. The buildup to the consumer price includes charges for freight, insurance, import duties, a liquid throughput fee, a wholesaler margin, turnover tax, and the retailer margin. The margin for wholesalers is 23 guilder-cents per liter, the margin for retailers is 14.45 guilder cents per liter.

For diesel, the wholesaler margin is the same as for unleaded gasoline, while retailers earn a bit less per liter, namely 12.6 guilder-cents.


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