Gas price 10 percent down today

POSTED: 11/15/12 1:03 PM

St. Maarten – Gas prices go down today by almost 10.2 percent today. Unleaded gas will now cost 2.47 guilders ($1.38) at the pump instead of 2.75 ($1.536). Diesel becomes only slightly cheaper: the price goes from 2.30 guilders ($1.285) to 2.26 ($1.263) per liter.

Since August 21, when unleaded gas was 2.34 guilders, the price went up three times in rapid succession by twelve cents, and once by another 5 cents to the current 2,75. Minister of Economic Affairs Romeo Pantophlet signed two decrees on August 21 for the increase of gas prices in two steps: from 2.34 guilders ($1.307) to 2.46 ($1.374) per August 29 and to 2.58 ($1.441) per September 4. The next increase came on September 18.

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