Gas becomes 18 percent more expensive than on French side

POSTED: 07/21/15 7:13 PM

St. Maarten – The price of unleaded gas is going up tomorrow by 2.5 percent from 2.115 to 2,167 guilders per liter (in dollars: from $1.18 to $1.21). Gas is cheaper on the French side by a margin of 14.9 to 18.1 percent; the Cadisco station in Marigot charges $0.99 for a liter, and the station in Mont Vernon takes $1.03.

The new gas price at the pump on the Dutch side is based on the Petrotin posted price of 1.165 guilders per liter. The remaining 1.02 guilders goes to freight, insurance, import duties, liquid throughput fee, wholesale and retail margins and turnover taxes.

Some gas stations on the Dutch side increase their official profit margin of 14.5 guilder cent per liter by giving dollar-paying customers a rate of 1.75 guilders for their currency. That way, a 50-guilders tank will cost these customers $28.57, whereas they would pay $27.93 against the pegged exchange rate of 1.79 and $27.77 against the 1.80 exchange rate used by most supermarkets.

This sets the liter price for dollar-paying customers at gas stations that value the greenback at 1.80, at $1.238 – 2.3 percent above the official maximum price, making gas between 17.2 and 20.5 percent more expensive than gas at selected stations on the French side.

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Gas becomes 18 percent more expensive than on French side by

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