Fundraiser for Imbali moves to Belair Community Center

POSTED: 09/15/11 12:28 PM

GREAT BAY, St. Maarten – The fundraiser for the Imbali Center for Creative Movement, which is spearheaded by Lady Ruby Bute, has been moved to the Belair Community Center. The production entitled “St. Martin for Thee I Weep…” was organized in an effort to replace instruments and materials stolen from the Imbali Center for Creative Movement in two recent robberies.

The event was originally scheduled for September 10, 2011 at the Silk Cotton Grove Gallery in Friars Bay, but had to be postponed due to the passing of Tropical Storm Maria. The new date and time is Saturday, September 17 at 7:00 p.m.

According to a statement from Imbali Founder and Director Clara Reyes Director of the Belair Community Center Lorraine Lopez offered the new venue free of charge as a way of giving back after the robbery and delay in the production.

“This is a beautiful gesture and we are deeply appreciative of this,” Reyes said.

The date and venue are the only changes related to the event. The line up will still include Lady Ruby Bute, Isidore “The Mighty Dow” York, Fred York and Alex Jack of Mosaic, Rita Bourne, Jacky Nicholson, Stacy Roberts, Stacy-Ann Taylor, Thierry Gombs, Romeric Benjamin, Brandon Davis, Tyrone Phelipa, Aparna Samaga, Lena Browne, Mansoura, Motiance Dance School, HOT Dancers, Lucinda “La Rich” Audain, Lysanne Charles, Stephan “Stretch” Rodney and many, many other singers, dancers, poets and artists. The show will also start with a fashion show by local entrepreneur Marilyna Boston.
“The support of the St. Maarten artist community has been tremendous and those attending can expect a dynamic, entertaining, jam-packed two hours of activity,” Reyes said of the lineup.

Tickets are $10 for both adults and children and are available at the venue (Belair Community Center) an hour before start time and also at Pete’s Photos, Candy Man, Van Dorp-Simpson Bay and Madame Estate, Imbali Center for Creative Movement and from cast members.
“This production is special, because it really illustrates how local artists can come together for a cause. The break in and robberies at the John Larmonie Center were really shocking to us, because we feel like our youth and our elderly were targeted and we feel like something real is being lost on our island. The arts are one way to speak to this and sort of pull everyone together in this vein. So we are encouraging everyone to come out and support this endeavour so that we can replace our materials and also send a strong message to those hell bent on destroying our sense of community,” Reyes said.


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  1. neville de weever labega says:

    We should all support this. I will be there.