Frustrated Americans turn their backs on St. Maarten: Timeshare owners balk at maintenance fees

POSTED: 01/21/13 12:56 PM

St. Maarten – Timeshare owners at the Simpson Bay Resort and Marina are complaining about the high additional maintenance fees the resort is charging them to fund a massive renovation plan. Readers of the online newsletter St. Maarten Weekly News vented their frustration this weekend. The picture that emerges from these reactions suggests that American timeshare owners have had enough and that they are going to turn their back on the resort and thereby on St. Maarten. Elsewhere in the newsletter, author Jeff Berger reports that already thousands of timeshare owners have left the island and that they have been replaced by other with more modest wallets.

Here is the reaction from one timeshare-owner, identified in the newsletter as Jim A.: “After 22 years and too many “supplemental maintenance fees” we have decided to not pay one cent more. As such we ask for and received “turn-over forms” and said good-by to our time-share units. Vlietman built Pelican without my dollars and the Simpson Bay Resort can do the same. They are making a bundle on each unit. It doesn’t cost the $60,000 plus that they will be receiving from each re-built unit. They tried to justify their numbers in a spread sheet layout. I can only wonder who is reaping the windfall on this re-build? The prices listed for different pieces of furniture were out of line in my estimation.
“We will miss our favorite island, but will probably visit sometime in the future. There are other places to stay. Perhaps the people who are staying and paying haven’t been there as long as some of us and look at the upgrades as an investment. Timeshare will never be an investment. Our units didn’t sell in four years. Our last listed sale price was less than cost to rent and still didn’t sell. We enjoyed our time and probably got our money’s worth. And so, we move on.”

A second timeshare-owner, identified under the ominous initials J.C. added: “Count me out. I do not believe the Pelican unit C7A/B can be sold for the assessment, much less the added maintenance. I’ve had it with Pelican.”

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Frustrated Americans turn their backs on St. Maarten: Timeshare owners balk at maintenance fees by

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