Front Street Tourist chain snatcher grabbed by citizens

POSTED: 10/13/15 4:12 PM

man held by group

The group of citizens holding the man who allegedly grabbed a tourist chain from her neck. Photo contributed

St. Maarten- Yesterday morning on Front Street a young man allegedly snatched a chain from a tourist’s neck and ran towards the Guava Berry headquarters when a group of taxi drivers and casino security cut him off and grabbed him. According to an eyewitness, the man was trying to get away from the tourist and these citizens decided to step in and capture the culprit.

The group waited for the bike patrol to arrive on the scene and handed the man over to the police for further handling. Police Spokesman Ricardo Henson was not able to confirm the incident up to press time. The group reportedly told officers that they are tired of the crime situation on the island and decided to assist police by capturing the suspect. One taxi driver was said to encourage the public to not take the law into their own hands but be more involved with their surroundings and report anything that does not seem normal.

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Front Street Tourist chain snatcher grabbed by citizens by

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