Front Street business-owners nervous after Caribbean Gems heist

POSTED: 01/24/12 1:53 PM
The hole that robber(s) created to enter Caribbean Gems. (Julius Goodman photo)

St. Maarten – Over $200,000 in cash, jewelry, electronics and other valuables were stolen from Caribbean Gems on Front Street sometime between Sunday night and the wee hours of Monday morning. The owners of the family run jewelry store are still counting “significant” losses from the robbery that has left the neighboring business owners in shock.
Thieves broke into the store by making a hole approximately four feet wide at the back of the store. Once inside the robbers smashed the safe, tampered with the alarm system and stole the video surveillance equipment.

Staffers discovered the robbery when they opened the store at 9:10 a.m. and the store’s manager Manu Budhrani says it left them feeling anxious and angry. He also said the only assurances that any can provide is the capture of those who committed the robbery.
The stored closed for business the entire day as staffers did inventory and detectives from the forensics department collected clues and attempted to recreate the crime. The store is likely to stay closed until a new security system is purchased and the vault is restored.
The Budhranis got support from other members of the Indian Merchants Association and the incident has put other store owners on heightened alert.
Caribbean Germs was established in 1983 as a family run operation that meets international standards and that has economical prices to benefit the local market. This was the first time the company was robbed in this manner.

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Front Street business-owners nervous after Caribbean Gems heist by

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