From zero to four killings within ten days

POSTED: 03/7/11 12:01 PM

St. Maarten – Just ten days ago chief Prosecutor Mr. Hans Mos noted that St. Maarten had been free of murder and manslaughter for around four months. The next day the chef of the Cheetah Moon, Ludevic Guillevin was found murdered in Mullet Bay. Between Friday morning and Saturday morning, another three killings had to be added to the list.

On Friday morning 61-year old Eduardo Nova-Valdez was found executed on the G. Alexis Arnell Road, aka the Cakehouse Road.

In the evening, around seven thirty, Emilio de Leon-Reyes, 49, was shot to death at his home on the Quilletor drive in Dutch Quarter.

Both victims are from the Dominican republic.

On Saturday morning the body of a 46-year old security guard, Foidel Luis, a Haitian, was found in the vicinity of the Learning Unlimited school in Cay Hill. He was apparently beaten to death with a piece of wood.


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