French St. Martin President Alain Richardson makes public safety a priority

POSTED: 04/4/12 11:58 AM

MARIGOT, St. Martin – President Alain Richardson plans to make public safety a priority during this new mandate. He called the current lack of security a major concern for St. Martiners and said it disrupts the conditions of social peace and development.
The new president believes that the situation can only be tackled by first drafting an action plan.
“It is in fact about an action plan to fight against insecurity and incivilities. The reorganization of the security coverage of the territory between the Territorial Police Force and the National Gendarmerie constitutes today a priority of first order. Safety in all the cases cannot be the business of the only police services and the national gendarmerie. It depends on many other factors such as the civic level of conscience, social cohesion, the quality of the local governance,” Richardson said.
The new president believes it will take collective responsibility to solve the issues at hand and called for an active and permanent partnership between local stakeholders that will contribute to safety.
“Firstly a proximity police and therefore be a main tool of a safety policy which promotes education and citizenship as means of prevention and effectiveness through a better motivation of persons. Their training adapted to the context of a Rule of law and their equipment constituted consequently,” Richardson said.
The new president has also made clear he wants to work with the Cutch side in this field.
“Civil safety in cooperation with Country St Maarten, will also be given due attention so as to be more proactive and efficient in matters regarding of disaster management. The provisions for the management of disaster will be completed by the determining of sectorial plans and the reinforcing of the operational and organizational capacities of the actors of civil safety,” Richardson said.

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