French St. Martin President Alain Richardson calls for social cohesion among the citizens

POSTED: 04/4/12 11:54 AM

MARIGOT, St. Martin – Citizenship and Social cohesion was among the points of concern of the President of the Collectivite Alain Richardson during his inauguration speech on the general policy statement for the next five years. In his address he said that “the concern for my government will be to prevent any threat to social cohesion by the promotion of tolerance and the reinforcing of the desire to live together in perfect harmony, using all the means to do so at our disposal.”
He continued: “We will reinstate strong collective moments such the week of the citizenship and will seek to create the emerging of new concepts to fortify cohesiveness. Each inhabitant of this territory must feel concerned and as such behave as a citizen, acting in a responsible manner, knowing his rights but also accepting to respect his duties especially when called upon to contribute,” said Richardson.
He noted that the administration of the territory, in the context of the Rule of law, requires of all those representatives heading the decentralized entities, an unconditional professionalism, a high requirement of impartiality and an exemplary sense public service. These requirements will constantly be taken into account by government in order to guarantee every citizen, without exclusivity, the exercise of the rights, duties and freedoms provide by our fundamental law.

Regarding improving the concept of decentralization
On the national level, Decentralization has become the instrument used by the population at the foot of the ladder and is a powerful vector to reach objectives in favor of development and we wish to do the same for our territory. Despite the statutory change and the autonomy we supposedly enjoy, the process may face many challenges.
Among those that are most important ones is the promotion of citizen participation, the effective creation of wealth, goods and public services that is accessible and of quality in the interest from the greatest number.
There is also the emergence of viable local economies and growth sectors which are able to reduce unemployment among the youth and ensure a quality professional training and finally the Territorial Collectivite. While the Overseas Community in particular which enjoys a certain autonomy there must be the place of a privileged exercise of local democracy and good governance in all its components, said Richardson.
“This is why the government that I lead, will initiate with its partners in development, the serious consideration as how to improve the institutional and legal framework as well as how to construct a more realistic strategic vision,” concluded Richardson

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French St. Martin President Alain Richardson calls for social cohesion among the citizens by

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