French St. Martin carnival kicks off on Sunday in French Quarter

POSTED: 01/3/12 4:13 PM

Marigot, St. Martin – The calendar for the annual French St. Martin Carnival is set with parades and jump-ups on four Sundays in January and twelve event-days in February that end on the twenty-second with the Ash Wednesday Parade.

The first parade and jump-up is this coming Sunday in French Quarter. A week later, the show moves to Grand case; on the third Sunday of the month Carnival arrives in Sandy Ground and the parade and jump-up in Marigot is on the calendar for Sunday January 29.
The Miss Pitchounette election is scheduled for Sunday, February 5. A week later, the children’s parade is on.

Then, on ten consecutive days starting on Monday February 13, Carnival brings a series of concerts and shows with in between the Miss Carnival election and the Grand parade. On the thirteenth there is a string and steel band concert, the next day there is the Saint Martin Famous Talent Show; then, on Wednesday February 15 follows the Miss Carnival election. The next day there is a reggae concert, and the day after that there is a soca concert. The Jouve Jump-Up with Compas in concert is on the agenda for February 18, followed the next day by the Grand Parade. February 20 is reserved for Zouk and then, on February 21, it is already Mardi Gras. The celebration concludes the day after with the Ash Wednesday parade.

The Miss Pitchounette election is open for girls aged between 6 and 8. The Miss Carnival election is for young women aged between 17 and 25.

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French St. Martin carnival kicks off on Sunday in French Quarter by

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