French-side contestants confident ahead of Miss Carnival pageant

POSTED: 01/26/12 11:40 AM

St. Maarten – Between now and February 17, the four girls that will be participating in the Miss Carnival pageant on the French side of the island will be expected to go through some mental and physical transformations.
On that night in question, it will be the last time that the reigning queen Shanyra Richardson will be wearing the crown. But at the end of the night, it will be up to Virginie Matthew, Renilia Rollan, Shanice Stephenson or Christiana Denis to captivate the audience and win the joint approval of the judges.
Each of those contestants vying for the crown is beautiful in her own way; all contestants are in their teens, they all have stage presence and at one moment of their still young lives or the other, they all had an opportunity to appear on stage at the competitive level.
“I have what it takes to win,” said 18 year old Virginie Matthew, a current student at the Lycee Polyvalent des Iles du Nord. Matthew showed her compassionate side when she expressed a desire to work with children in the not too distant future. With the title as Miss French Quarter and Miss Summer to her credit, Matthew is confident that she will also pull this one off. With a beautiful warm smile, she said, “I have what it takes to wear that crown and I have good support behind me.” She took the opportunity to invite her friends to come out and support her on the night of the pageant.
“I think my chances are great” said 18-year old Renilia Rollan. She continued, “I am not nervous on stage, in fact I am very confident.” Rollan who was not prepared to speak much said. “I just know that I have an edge over the other girls, but there will be lots of surprises on the night of the show.”
In the absence of words, charisma took center stage with some of the contestants. When 18-year old Shanice Stephenson said, “I am intelligent and beautiful”, she was attempting to make herself stand out. Stephenson, who is no stranger to the stage was also a winner of the Miss Summer contest and the Balaz & Divas contest. Beaming with sheer confidence she said, “I don’t think they have a chance, I will win the crown.”
And last but not least was Christiana Denis, at age 17 she was the tallest of the contestants, something that can be used as an advantage during the pageant. “I am talented and I can speak well” she said.
Denis who finished in the runner up positions twice in previous competitions said that this is her time for the real thing. Her long term goal is to become a manager, but for now, she wants to be an assistant secretary and work her way up the corporate ladder.

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