French official’s call for a safe Carnival – Winners to be announced after grand parade

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Miss Pitchounette 2013 Miss Benjamin is assisted by President of the FCDSM Philipe Richardson and President of the Collectivitee, Alain Richardson with the cutting of the symbolic ribbon to declare Paradise Village opened officially. Photo Today/Milton Pieters.

St. Martin – At the conclusion of the children’s parade and the cutting of the ribbon to declare the ‘Paradise Village’ opened officially on Sunday, the importance of having a crime free Carnival was voiced by the President of the Collectivite, Alain Richardson and the Festivités Carnavalsesque de St. Martin (FCDSM) President, Philippe Richardson.

“This committee has an interest to protect Carnival,” Richardson said during his opening remarks while addressing the gathering that had entered the Paradise Village. Richardson asked the members of the community to adhere to the rules of the FCDSM and offer their support.

He also stated that he is looking forward for the day when not only Carnival activities will take place on the site where the Paradise Village is now temporary located, but other forms of social activities taking place in a safe environment. In his conclusion, he invited the revelers to have a safe Carnival.

The President of the Collectivitee, Alain Richardson took the opportunity to welcome those present officially. President Richardson lauded the efforts of the FCDSM and pointed out the Collectivitee is fully behind their efforts.

“They have been doing lots of work over the years to ensure the involvement of the various sections of the community in a very short time. However, it is very important that security be at its highest during the celebrations,” President Richardson said.

According to Richardson, this is one of the requirements from the officials in Paris and he urged the parents to play a proactive roll. “As the President of the Collectivitee, it is my responsibility to make sure that it is kept safe and I want to encourage you the adults to do it safe and enjoy the Carnival.”

It was a real riot of colors and creativity in Marigot when the eight troupes led by four of the five contestants including the Miss Pitchounette for 2013 tramped through the streets where several thousands lined up to catch a quick glimpse.

First up was a group of kids from the Ecole Elementary school in Sandy Ground, under the theme,’ Venise under the tropics. They were followed by kids from the Ecole Primary, Nina Duverly and their theme was ‘Nina the bee’.

The third group consisted of students from the Ecole Elementary from Quartier D’Orleans and their theme was ‘The Orleans’s Garden. At number four on the road was the Ecole Primary #2 (Herve Williams) who displayed the four elements of nature.

The fifth group of students from ‘Spring Hills’ had a classical display of ‘Rio’ Saint Martin style, number six on the road was the students from the Ecole Maternelle de Grand Case as the ‘ Pirates of the Caribbean. In troupe number seven the last troupe, the students of Ecole Maternelle ( Evelina Halley) displayed some tropical fruits. Bringing up the rear was the members of the Musical Explosion Band from Sandy Ground.

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