Freedom Party decimated – VVD and Labor dominate elections

POSTED: 09/13/12 1:21 PM

St. Maarten – With close to 80 percent of the votes counted Mark Rutte’s VVD and Diederik Samsom’s Labor Party were heading for an astonishing electoral victory in the Dutch parliamentary elections yesterday. The VVD stood at 41 seats, Labor at 40 – giving both parties an incredible 10 seats win compared to the 2010 elections. The final result could still show slight differences from this seat count, but the trend remains the same.

The big losers in the elections are Geert Wilders and his Freedom Party – projected to fall from 24 to just 13 seats, the Christian democratic appeal (from 21 to 13) and GreenLeft (from 10 to 4).

D66 stood to win 2 seats and end up with 12, while the Socialist Party remained flat at 15 seats.

Of the splinter parties, the Christian Union (4) lost 1, while the SGP (3) won one. The Party for Animals remained at 2 seats, while 50Plus stood to enter parliament with 3 seats.

How the real division of seats will be remains to be seen: the Labor Party linked its list with those of the Socialist Party and GreenLeft. This could still give Samsom more seats than Rutte, even though his party was approximately 100,000 votes behind the VVD when 80 percent of the votes were counted.

The election result is a historic one for Dutch standards. Never before did two parties appeal to such a large part of the electorate.

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