Free mammograms for 100 uninsured women

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Mammograms.wwwjpgKimasha Williams, Shelly Alphonso and Marcelina Loblack with vouchers next to a mammogram machine. Photo contributed

St. Maarten – One hundred free mammograms are once again made available for uninsured women through the sponsoring by St. Maarten Medical Center, Positive Foundation and Elektraleyets Foundation.

For the month of October, women are encouraged to take advantage of free clinical breast exams (CBE) at the various participating clinics. The medical doctor carefully feels the woman’s breasts and underarm for any changes or abnormalities (such as a lump).

Based on the findings of the clinical breast exam and medical history, the woman may be recommended for a mammogram.

This is the fifth year since the participating organizations have teamed up to offer 100 free mammograms. Yet many women do not take advantage of the opportunity.

Some women are afraid of mammograms because of the anxiety and fear of pain during the procedure. Quite a few skip the procedure in between years and some avoid it altogether.

We want to encourage persons to take responsibility for their health. While we may not be able to dissipate all fears we are willing to support persons to take that step, even doing so financially,” says SMMC communications officer Kimasha Williams.

At the St. Maarten Medical Center’s Open House on October 31 women can take the first step by getting a free clinical breast exam. “If you are uninsured and are over the age of 40, ask the attending medical doctor if you qualify for a free mammogram,” she says. The Open House begins at 3 p.m. with presentations and the clinic is open from 4.30 to 7 p.m.

One hundred mammogram vouchers are distributed at the various participating clinics. Visit the Positive Foundation Facebook page for the schedule.

Early detection is your best protection, we want to see more women taking charge of their health,” says president of Positive foundation, Shelly Alphonso.




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