Franklin Hanze bids his job goodbye

POSTED: 05/8/11 6:53 PM

St. Maarten – With a reception in the conference room of the parliament building, acting Secretary General Franklin Hanze bade goodbye to the job he fulfilled since the transition to country status on October 10 of last year. On Monday his successor, Jozef David Semeleer will take his place.

Talking to reporters, Hanze briefly reflected on parliament’s role and on the organization that is charged with making things run smoothly.

“In January we started making preparations by evaluating all applications for job vacancies at the parliament, and we have come to a list of people that we will definitely hire,” he said.

The initial staff will count six or seven heads, but Hanze said that the organization will need around fifteen employees “to run parliament in the most orderly way.”

Hanze said that members of parliament have to realize that they are “not the government.” “The parliament is the representative of the people, and it has two tasks: first of all making laws together with the government and secondly controlling and scrutinizing government policies. The government is in the administration building. They have the management of the country, and the parliament supervises,” Hanze said

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