Four nation project ends in St. Maarten

POSTED: 03/9/11 11:39 AM

St. Maarten – For the first time ever, St. Dominic High has participated in a Comenius project with Germany, Italy, and Sweden. All four countries worked on projects based on the theme “The way we were, the way we are”. Three out of the four meetings took place in Germany, Italy, and Sweden during the years 2009 – 2010. The last meeting took place on St. Maarten from February 24, 2011 to March 1, 2011. The official opening of the meeting was held in the conference room of the A.C. Wathey Legislative Hall where the Prime Minister, Sarah Wescot-Williams, gave welcoming words to the Comenius participants.
Comenius is a program funded by the European Union and is named after a famous educationalist, Jan Amos Comenius, who is known to be the father of modern education in Europe. The objective of the program is to bring European students from different countries together to have a better understanding of other European heritages as well as their own culture and country.
The European members of Comenius returned home at the end of the project with a lasting impression of the island after having an overall exhilarating experience. The project has allowed the members of Comenius to develop cultural and social understandings of each other and thus, stronger ties were made with the countries. Both students and faculty have agreed that the Comenius project has opened many doors for the future and that throughout all the hard work, the experience was truly worthwhile and it will never be forgotten.

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