Four categories of membership in heavily endorsed real estate association

POSTED: 07/11/11 12:55 PM

St. Maarten – The proposal for a new real estate association that was accepted by 13 realtors last Friday has four categories of membership split into two paid memberships and two free memberships. These details are part of the presentation that was given by Francois van der Waarden, the Dutch intern commissioned by Island Real Estate Team to create the draft articles, during Friday’s meeting.

The four categories of members are Professional member, Associate member, Life member and Honorary member. Each of these come with varying rights, privileges and responsibilities.

The professional members are owners of real estate companies that have a physical, commercial address. This group, which is required to pay an annual membership fee, will elect the first board and maintain their voting rights throughout their membership. There is an option to further sub-divide this membership category.

Associate Members are people who actively work in an established real estate company or who have an N.V. but no commercial address. They will get voting rights after the first board is elected and there is still discussion on whether they should pay an annual membership fee.

The first category of free membership is Life member. This is a person who is no longer in the industry as a broker, but has made a positive effort for it. These people will be voted into the organization.

The second category of free membership is the Honorary member. These are people in society, who are not members of the association that have made a positive input/effort in the community. The Honorary members will also be voted in by the members. Three notaries were suggested as honorary members so they could continuously provide legal advice.

Neither category of free members has voting rights, even though they may provide advice to the board.

With the draft statutes approved by the 13 companies present at Friday’s meeting elections will be held. The board can consist of a minimum three members and a maximum of five. The available positions are Chairman, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Assistant Secretary. The Board will serve for one year.

Once the Board is elected committees can be set up. One that been prioritized is the Bylaws/ Code of conduct Committee. This that will be open to all members who want to join and are willing to give up one to two hours per week to adapt already established  bylaws to match the local situation.

“It’s just Copy and Paste and re-word them,” van der Waarden said.

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